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InkSol® High Definition Sublimation Ink - Black

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InkSol High Definition Sublimation Ink - Black
  • InkSol® HD Sublimation Ink 
  • EcoTank Printers: ET-2720, ET-2760, ET-2800, ET-2803, ET-2830, ET-2850, ET-15000, ET-3760, ET-4800, ET-4700, ET-3830, ET-3850, ET-8550, ET-2710, ET-3710, ET-4760, ET-16600, & ET-16650.
  • WorkForce Printers: WF3620, WF3640, WF7620, WF3540, WF3520, WF7010, WF7110, WF7210, WF7510, WF7520, WF7610, WF7710, & WF7720.
  • Our sublimation ink brings your design concepts to life, making just about anything into a personalized, memorable gift! Print on mugs, t-shirts, fabrics, pillowcases, shoes, caps, ceramics, boxes, bags, and more - hit the mark with Colorfully Vibrant InkSol® HD Sublimation Ink for intense, eye-catching hues! (Note: Sublimation ink can only be used in fabrics containing less than 30% cotton.)